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     - Hydration level:
        This information tells the calculator how many liters of water can be absorbed by 100 kg of the flour you are using. If your dough is too wet with the default value just substract 1 or 2 points to HL and try again you will soon be fine.
     - Olive oil:
        Some receipes specify that oil should be added in that case you can enter the information as a percentage of the amount of mixing water so you would run the calculation first with olive oil equal zero then knowing the amount of mixing water required you can work out the desired %.
     - Amount of leaven (sourdough):
        600gr of sourdough per litre of mixing water is quite high in orfer to slow down the first fermentation you can reduce this numberas the less amount of sourdough the longest it takes to ferment the dough. In summer the sourdough activity is much greater than in winter so you can level your fermentation time with this parameter.
     - Amount of salt:
        28gr per liter of water used in the dough but you can adjust this quantity if you wish to do so.
     - Amount of dough required
        You can specify the dough weight for your bread and the number of bread you want to make but you can also say 1 unit and provide the total amount of dough (3 bread of 500gr or 1 unit of 1500gr).
If you are short of flour or Sourdough just enter what you have got and the calculator will tell you how much dough can be made.

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