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Gluten free

It is impossible to talk about the benefits of bread made the proper way without mentioning that ever inceasing number of people who are either gluten intolerent or have a flour allergy cons.
This is not a medical page just a little commonsense.
The only solution then is to remove flour containing gluten from the pantry and find new recipes with different ingredients.
Often gluten intolerent people have already dammaged their digestive systems by the time they become aware of their condition so it is even more important for them to eat well. It looks like food suppliers have identified this niche market and supermarkets often stock a large variety of gluten free products but these products usually try to imitate non gluten free products using many additives which can be very harmful especially in an already fragie digestive system.

This page will contain gluten free recipes that we have selected because they contain only natural products, they have a nutritive value and because the end product is delicious!

We also sell a dry rice sourdough to create a rice gluten free sourdough starter. See sourdough for more information

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