Baking a Pizza

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Pizza Baking

If you are using your domestic oven you can simulate the wood oven set up by using clay tiles which have been conditioned in an oven at a low heat for several hours so they can then stand the heat without cracking. Don't forget to always leave a 5cm gap between the oven wall and the tile. You may also purchase a commercial baking stone from a specialist baking outlet or better still you can use our local stone (Shop).

Pizza should be baked straight on a hot stone (start the oven a good hour and half before) or on a wood oven floor which has reached its maximum temperature because you want to cook your pizza in the shortest time possible.

Before putting your pizza in the oven make sure the dough is not stuck on the peel. I sprinkle wholewheat flour between peel and pizza. If you take too long to assemble the pizza, the dough moisture can absorb the dry flour and at that point the dough sticks to the peel.
It is easy to lift the area concerned and replace the flour. When you are satisfied the Pizza is moving freely on top of the peel it is time to slide it on the hot stone.
Each Pizza is going to absorb some heat from your stone or oven floor and after about 10 pizza you have to heat again your stone or rotate the fire in your wood oven.
Your Pizza is cooked if it keeps its shape when lifted with a bread peel as this tool supports only the center of the pizza dough.
Olso use the bread peel to rotate the pizza if one side is close to the fire.

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