Sourdough bread - Final proofing

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Final proofing

It is the most critical time for the final result, make sure the dough is not going to dry, cover it with linen and spray some water on it.
Keep the room temperature or warmer around 25 to 26°C, the second proofing should be shorter than the first one, use as a guide between 2 and 3 hours.
When you think your bread is ready test it by pressing gently with your thumb on the dough, if the hollow just created doesn ’ t spring back at all it is a sure sign of over proofing put it straight in the oven but be aware that your bread will not be of a high standard, if it springs back rapidly it needs more proofing and if it springs back slowly it is ready for the oven. You should remember to adjust the depth of slashing to those results, deep if under proofed and light if over proofed.

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