Sourdough Bread Kneeding

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Sourdough Bread Kneeding

Dust the kneading surface with flour. Turn the dough out on the board and knead it for about 10 minutes or until it becomes elastic, shiny and even. This is the only time you have to physically work the dough, the rest of the time the natural leaven does the work you have only to provide the elements and the right conditions.

Now is the moment to get in touch with your bread. Remember as a child being instictively attracted to manipulating sand and water or muddy mixtures and if this was not allowed you were given play dough to keep you happy.You may once again enjoy this sensation. You are now linked with the past and the ancient art of bread making. Remember regardless of the quantity of dough the kneeding time remains basically the same 10 to 15 minutes.

During kneeding time your bread dough will gain body and elasticity.
The kneading gestual could be described as stretching the dough away and folding it on itself while rotating the mass of dough.

When satisfied with kneading make a ball or two (or more if you have a lot of dough) deposit them in your proofing container, cover with a cloth or a plastic bag to prevent it drying and let it proof until it has doubled in volume.

Kneading is over and the dough is ready for proofing.

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