Sourdough bread - Mixing

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Process Mixing

Your leaven should now be ready.
The leaven will perform best if the dough is around 25°C, your mixing liquid will equilibrate the dough temperature. The general temperature rule says that room temperature plus flour temperature plus mixing liquid temperature should be around 75°C (which is 3 times 25°C) therefore mixing liquid temperature = 75 - room temperature - flour temperature. The mixing water shouldn’ t be too high either, let say that it shouldn’ t exceed by more than 15°C the other components.
Place a large bowll on the scales and measure the required leaven.
Next add the mixing liquid which contains the dissolved salt.
Stir until you have a smooth creamy liquid.
Gradually poor the diluted leaven into your dry ingredients.
Mix together first with the spoon and finish up with your hands. I usually use disposable gloves as they are more Hygienic and practical.
When you are satisfied that the flour has been well mixed in form a ball with the dough and stretch while holding it with your two hands.
Repeat this stretching movement 2 more times
Place the ball of dough back in the bowl, cover with a clean linen cloth and leave to rest for 10 minutes while the gluten absorbs the water.
If you haven’ t use plastic gloves take a little flour and rub your hands together to remove all the scraps of dough still sticking to your fingers.

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