Dry Sourdough activation

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Dry Sourdough starter Activation

A pack of dry Starter contains dormant Sourdough which is activated by feeding it flour and water.
During the activation process you must use good water (not chlorinated) if you are using filters it maybe worth buying a bottle of spring water.
When I refer to flour in the activation process I talk about the flour corresponding to the dry starter pack. So for example it would be rye for a dry rye sourdough pack or rice flour for a gluten free pack.

Activation Process
A sourdough starter pack contains 28g of dry starter powder.
Take half (14g) and put it into a food safe container then reseal the packet and refrigarate it so you have a backup if someday something happens to your live sourdough.

1) Start activation
14g dry Starter + 75g water mix and let rest 15 minutes
2) Add 51g flour and mix well
total 140g 28/30 °C

3) After 12 hours
140g from 2) + 70g flour + 70g water. Total 280g.

4) After 12 hours Temp should be down to 20/26 ° C
100g from 3) + 50g flour + 50g water.

5) After 24h
100g from previous step +50g flour + 50g water

6) Repeat 5) until Sourdough starter double in 8 hours

The high temperature during first 24h causes more acidity which in turn protect the partially active starter against contamination.

To make sure my active sourdough is ready to start baking bread I use the 100g of discared starter and mix with some dry flour until I get a relatively firm soft dough. Take a glass jar put the dough in it compress it a little and mark with a rubber band the top level. This way you can check after 6 to 8 hours if the dough has doubled in volume if it has your Natural leaven is ready for real work.

Remember to feed once more and then split the culture in two one for use one for backup. You can put both in the fridge one hour after feeding in summer and two hours after in winter.

Refer to "Calculator and Converters" plus "Quantity Calculator" (or click on the folowing link Quantities Calculator.) to calculate the quantity of sourdough you need for your bread baking session. Remember to make an extra 100 or 200 g of sourdough to start your next culture.

You will have noticed that I never use volume only weight, a 5 kg digital scale with Tare function is recommended

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