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Sourdough starter

All Sourdough starters have one thing in common they all contain Lactobacilli (Lactic acid bacteria) which is responsible for the taste and the naturally occuring wild yeast responsible for starting the fermentation which will create the increase in dough volume.
But Bread making techniques will also influence the final product.
For example the state of your sourdough maturity will affect your bread's sour taste so does the fermentation time.
Indirectly dough mixing temperature and fermentation room temperature will also influence the taste of your bread.
Searching for the perfect bread for you is more complicated than just buying a new Sourdough or going to an advenced bread course it is a personnal bread journey and some people enjoy that challenge.

All our Sourdough starter can be bought in Dry Format or Live Format. .
With dry there is no pression you can activate it whenever you are ready but you have to go through the activation process, it is simple but it can take up to 5 days or more before the sourdough starter reaches its full strength.
Live Sourdough is ready to operate straight away this mean that when you receive your starter you should feed it leave it on the bench until it has doubled in volume then you can make your first bread.

Our Starters have been in use for more than 10 years, when we introduce a new one we put a "*" behind its name.

 1   Wheat New Zealand   Good way to start
 2   Rye New Zealand  Better way to start as it can be used with rye, spelt, wheat or any flour mix.
 3   Wheat Italian  Sourdough from Naples I use it for my pizza but could do my bread with it
 4   Wheat San Francisco  Interesting distinctive flavour, we do our croissants with it
 5   Wheat France *  Mild sourdough.
 6   Rye France *  Come from Roquefort Area.
 7   Brown Rice  This is for gluten free bread, very fast cycle!!!

- With a single pack of Sourdough you can make your own bread indefinitely providing you follow a few simple instructions described in "Activating your dry Sourdough" below or click on the folowing link Activating your dry Sourdough

If you want to purchase a Sourdough pack go to "shop" in the main menu and select "Sourdoughs" or click on the folowing link Sourdoughs shop

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