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Oven heat usage

First we have a table to help us understand how best to use our wood oven because instead of dialing a temperature like with conventional ovens our wood oven is slowly loosing temperature. This fact is not an issue but we have to get a little more organised.
Ovens are not all built the same (material quality and insulation efficiency) but it is easy to calculate the average loss of temperature over a fix period of time. With this information plus the time and the temperature of your oven when you want to start cooking I could give you a cooking chart for your baking session. This chart is not ready yet but it should come soon....

What to cook according to oven temperature.
Temperature range Type of food
0 to 90°C Dry fruits, vegetables, nuts...
90 to 100°C Meringues
110 to 150°C Sterilisation
140 to 200°C Casserole, Stew, Tagine...
180 to 200°C Muffins, Cakes, Biscuits...
190 to 250°C Bread
200 to 220°C Quiche
230 to 260°C Roast
250 to 270°C Tartes

Aproximate wood oven heat loss per hour
Temperature range Degrees lost per hour
250 to 200°C 10 to 13°C per hour
200 to 150°C8 to 10°C per hour
150 to 100°C5 to 6°C per hour
100 to 70°C 3 to 4°C per hour

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