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As we mentionned before we provide sourdough starter either dry or live.
The dry product has to go through an activation process which takes usually 3 to 5 days.
The Live product can be used straight away.
Postage is $6.50 .
The first Sourdough starter pack is $20 (Live or Dry) the following ones are half price in case you want to buy multiple starters.

 1   Wheat New Zealand   Good way to start
 2   Rye New Zealand  Better way to start as it can be used with rye, spelt, wheat or any flour mix.
 3   Wheat Italian  Sourdough from Naples I use it for my pizza but could do my bread with it
 4   Wheat San Francisco  Interesting distinctive flavour, we do our croissants with it
 5   Wheat France *  Mild sourdough.
 6   Rye France *  Come from Roquefort Area.
 7   Brown Rice  This is for gluten free bread, very fast cycle!!!

- Prices includes GST

- With a single of these Sourdough packs you will make bread for ever as long as you look after it.

If you are interested send us an email   ( )  with your order details and your delivery address and we will reply with total cost including freight and direct credit information.

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