Sourdough bread - Preparation

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Preparing ingredients

While the natural leaven is doing its work you can get ready your ingredients and equipment so that nothing is left until the last moment or forgotten.
I always start with the salt, it is my way to make sure that if interrupted I will not forget it. Salt is the only element which becomes totally invisible and therefore so easily omitted. With the salt I always simplify the calculation by dropping the decimal point even if it is for example 16.99g I only measure 16 grams.
Next I measure the liquid required whether it be just water as in bread making or water and olive oil for a pizza dough. At this point I warm up the mixing liquid to approximately 30°C add in the salt stirring until it is completely dissolved .
It is now time to prepare my flour and weight the desired amount. I should be aware of the temperature of the flour which would ideally be at 25°C . Your proofing box is the perfect environment to warm up your flour.
With all ingredients except the natural leaven now measured and ready you have time to assemble all the items required for baking. You can also verify that everything is clean, you have top quality ingredients and the temperature is suitable to continue onto the next stage which is mixing.
If you have planed to make pizza now is the time to make your tomato sauce or cook your onions etc...

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